Thursday, April 05, 2007

48: Act One

I like this picture. It's really disorienting.

Okay, here's the deal. There are 48 school days left, and I want to celebrate! From now on after every school day I will post a picture and continue to count the days.

Furthermore, I want to write a story. This, however, is no ordinary story. It is no ordinary story because I don't have to write it. You do.

This is how it works. I prompt you with a very short introduction today, and you write a response. I pick my favorite, post another response tomorrow, then we continue like that.

The format is a little curious, but it's something I want to try. Each "scene" is a thought process that leads to speech, not actual speech. This means that the most educated character can have simplistic thought process or the most moronic character have a very complicated, wordy process. The line itself is up for interpretation.

Here's a sample.

Scene 8: The Grinch

Ah... oh dear. Cindy, please step away from the fireplace so that I may deposit this grenade into it.

Scene 9: Cindy

Santa Clause, I can't help but notice how your green fur grows in long, rope-like mats. It leads me to believe you are a fraud.

Scene 10: Professor


Get it? Good.

Alright. Here we go.

Introduction: The Benefactor

The decision is entirely up to you.


Ali said...

you know, it's not very nice to say that your dad is disorienting.

Ali said...

i'm declining to enter this week because of the fact that i have no idea what the hell you're asking.

if i get it, i might.

Carissa said...

i agree with ali

7 said...

Introduction: The Benefactor


Next Scene: The Malefactor

nerdjedi said...

I'm with everyone else. Except 7.