Saturday, February 06, 2010

Conflicts, Questions, Rules

If a dance was cancelled, it was dancelled.

In light of 1., it seems like an unintentional pun would be called punintentional. When I came up with this it seemed like a real breakthrough, but then I realized the sad truth of the matter - "punintentional" sounds like "pun intentional," which is rather self-defeating.

Two different species of meat should not be in one dish. Meat isn't like fruit or vegetables or wheat. I don't want any meat salads or meats wrapped in other meats. Bacon cheeseburgers are okay, but only if the burger is done really crispy.

If you're talking to people about their pets, you're allowed to guess at the gender the first time you're talking about them. After that, though, when they pointedly use "he" or "her" in context, why can't you just take the hint and get it right?

Furthermore, cats shouldn't be named boots.


Charlotte said...


Jeff said...

Gotta disagree with number 3. Sorry. :P

Molly Papey said...

they shouldn't be named boots, they should be named socks.

Carissa said...

my grandmother's cat is named boots!

i was talking about this to someone recently.

They approved.

I think it might have been Tim. Not sure.

Anonymous said...

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