Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scenes 7

I set up a sentry gun (Dustbowl; Part 3; Cap 1) and we made it last about an hour.

I felt the pencil hit my face and it hurt more than I expected but it did not hurt enough to matter what hurt enough to matter was your face which looked sort of like you had just kicked a puppy by accident and since first grade when people have hurt me and offered to let me hurt them I knew it was stupid so I always said no but this time I wanted to hit you with a pencil so you'd feel better and so you wouldn't be sorry and so instead of a frown on your face you'd have a mark and a smile just like me.

I did not know I could get that happy about someone asking for a bagel with cheese.


Esteban said...

1. I don't get it.

2. My sister was running towards me once when she was 4 and she poked a pencil tip into her forehead by accident somehow. It's still there. There's a blue dot above one of her eyes.

3. That reminds me of Kelly.

Nice picture, as always. I think black and white suits this one nicely.

The Muffin Man. said...

Heehee. Bagel.

Jeff said...

Gotta remember to keep the pencil on my ear and not in my hand...

Anonymous said...

that is quite an amazing photograph