Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Bad Idea Man's Suicide Note, Part 3

I rewound the tape, hoping I had heard wrong.

Sell bad ideas.

It was unmistakable.

For a year I've sold bad ideas. I made 1.4 million dollars before expenses selling bad ideas to over a hundred thousand people from around the world. My bad idea was being eaten up by the public.

What about a week from now when I wake up and it turns out that bicameral legislatures are a bad idea? What about music? Is music a bad idea? Love? Peace? Democracy?

If you're finding this note, I am already dead. The world wasn't meant to have a bad idea man. Bad ideas should be found out on their own or not at all - selling bad ideas is simply a bad idea, and so I'm done here.

I'll look through the records. I'm sure I've come up with more than enough ways to kill myself.


jeff said...

Seems like you kind of cut it short.

Anonymous said...

im with jeff

very nice but too short

Jeff said...

I enjoyed the story in its entirety, but it does seem cut short just in the way it was split up.


The Muffin Man. said...


I do agree with the above comment-ers that it is a bit short. Very good though.

emma said...

it's just part 3 that's too short. if you had split it up at different places it wouldn't seem that way, although the "sell bad ideas" at the end of part II does seem abrupt and thus adds a natural parsing to the piece no matter if you posted it at once or in threes.
my two cents, anyway.

Carissa said...

that's kinda depressing.

Sri Ramanujam said...

I have to agree that the story does seem a little bit sparse. However, if there is to be another part, perhaps an aftermath of sorts to wrap it up, that would make it better.

Anonymous said...

i think you should move on to another topic. as a piece of writing, it was very satisfactory, but parts were scary.

Anonymous said...

dont add another part
itll ruin it if you add an aftermath