Tuesday, April 17, 2007

43: Watering Hole

Jamie noticed the flames before anything, and so it took his brain a second or two to also register the gasoline dripping from the back of his car. "They must have tampered with the gas tank too," he thought, as he sped toward the mountain of fire in front of him, his foot tied to the gas pedal.

He closed his eyes.

Alright that's that. A couple of other things.

First, with the exception of the one I chose, your entries sucked (no offense, of course)! None of you were even mildly creative ("he got out of the car and quickly walked away"?), except maybe Ali. Ali had the right idea, but she didn't give the reader any closure. By combining the idea that he was trapped and the idea that death was inevitable, I was able to finish the prompt.

It doesn't have to end happily, it just has to end! But it HAS to be creative and entertaining. If some of you guys were kidding with your lame endings (I mean the ones that weren't obviously kidding. Kelly, I know you're kidding), I'm sorry.

Also, entries have to be one sentence.

Today's prompt (I made it open-ended so you can tell me what's going on):

The knife sticking out of my leg was a testament to just how competitive Jack o' Lantern carving could be.


Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Either that, or to how psychotic Doug over in booth 3 was.

Your Close Relative said...

Sam, this is a great photo. The red gel one is great also.

Carissa said...

i like the picture

so some people aren't creative.

Jeff said...

It was my turn for revenge, though, and I wouldn't be nearly as forgiving.

Ali said...

"Of course, it didn't help being named Jake O'Lintern. Jake cursed his parents for not thinking to name him Roy or Jim. It was a real problem when you were named after a fruit that is stabbed and gutted in a social setting. And having very literal friends didn't help."