Wednesday, April 18, 2007

42: Crystals II

The knife sticking out of my leg was a testament to just how competitive Jack o' Lantern carving could be. It was my turn for revenge, though, and I wouldn't be nearly as forgiving.

In my head, I played the Jaws theme song.

Today's entries were a little better. One reminder, though. Entries are to be ONE SENTENCE!

Apparently, Ali didn't get the message.

Okay, the prompt:

The elevator doors made that ominous banging noise usually reserved for the entrance to a haunted house as the entire office went pitch black.


Ali said...


i don't do good with directions.

"As the doors closed behind me, I pulled out my Palm Pilot and wrote, "Note to self: tip sound effects dude."

That's a sentence, right?

It took me ten minutes to figure out how to spell pilot. Like, seriously.

Anonymous said...

I thought to myself, "wow for a haunted house, I think they could do better with the effects because, the elevator always makes that noise (It's one of many quirks in the Montgomery County Cultural Center)"

Jeff said...

I left my girlfriend behind as I went to turn the power back on (the switch was conveniently on the other side of the room) but when I turned back to the elevator, I saw that same creepy little girl who's been following me around in the elevator as the doors slowly closed.

Hm, that sounds familiar...

Molly Wobbles said...
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Molly Wobbles said...




Sleepless in Seattle said...

"She's trapped in there with him," whispered Catherine, and suddenly, a shot rang out in the stillness of the dark room.

Carissa said...

fun picture