Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lemon Juice

Is the same as lemonade.



Are you saying that lemonade doesn't exist?

And then I woke up.

Anywho, here is my schedule, in case you care:

Per 1; Days 1-6; MP 1-4: Spanish 2
Per 2; Days 1-6; MP 1-4: World Lit
Per 3; Days 1-6; MP 1,2: Television
Per 3; Days 1,3; MP 3,4: Phys Ed 9
Per 4; Days 1-6; MP 1-4: World Cltr
Per 5; Days 1-6; MP 1-4: AP Bio
Per 6; Days 1-6; MP 1-4: Alg 2 BC
Per 7; Days 2,3; MP 1-4: Choir T/B
Per 7; Days 6; MP 1-4: Chorale
Per 8; Days 1-3; MP 1-4: Wind/Choir/LitMag
Per 8; Days 4,6; MP 1,2: Phys Ed 9
Per 8; Days 4-6; MP 3,4: Health 1

And that's that.


angie said...

SAM- i think we have spanish together- who's your teacher? mine's Taylor S. oooh- i hope we have it together!!!

Jesse said...

you already have choir, so does wind/choir mean the wind choir? The only classes we have together are chorale and chorus.

kelly h said...

Who's your World Lit. Teacher?????? Is it Radzius. Cuz if it is, we might have that together!! that's all folks

Abby said...

yeah, i had a weird dream last night too. I think it involved people stealing other people's animal costumes and walking around in a dark hallway.

sketchy, I know.

Jen said...

Who do you have for world cultures? I have Holmes... we might be in the same class. Or you could be in Jeff's class.

It would be nice to be in the same class for something for the first time ever. Seriously, four years of middle school and not a single class together.

Jen said...

Gosh, that sounded like Mr. Yorgey when he says, "8 years of public school music education..." before trailing on and on about how we can't play half notes. (When we clearly CAN!)

Jeff said...

If you have Biber for World Cultures, you're in my class. I think.

nerdjedi said...

Yeah, lemonade is sweetened lemon juice, diluted with water.

I think...

Jen said...

Oh!!! *whacks self on head* I just realized why Jeff and I have different world culture teachers! It's because... well, Jeff, you're in honors, right? They put me in accelerated because they didn't think I could handle all honors classes. I have accelerated science and social studies, and the rest is honors.

emma said...

yeah, tim's right about the lemonade bit.

Leah said...

Um, I don't have any of those teachers. And the only class I have at the same time as Sam is Spanish 2. I have Mucci, D. by the way. I'm getting confused. Who is in my classes? I called all my friends and all I know is that two of my friends got the same gym teacher as each other.

Leah said...

Also, I think Tim is right about the lemonade.