Monday, August 21, 2006

Band Camp

Yeah, so I'm going to band camp today.


Annnnnnnnnyway, here are two random things.

One: Today I washed my glasses with lavender soap and now all I can smell is lavender.

Two: I cut a piece of cake with a knife and, not thinking, licked the knife. It's not as bad as you think, but it hurts.



Jeff said...

I laugh at you for all three things. Band camp, lavender, and licking the knife. Oh, and I finished mezmorizing my lines! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Oh, gosh. That must hurt.

Jon said...

You just need to learn to lick the knife without cutting yourself.

kelly h said...

1. Lavender smells perty!!

2. you idiot.

kelly h said...

1. Lavender smells perty!!

2. you idiot.

angie said...

aww. pobre samuel.

emma said...

1. Band camp is apparently fun.
2. Lavender smells pretty.
3. What kind of cake? Was it really worth licking the knife?

Ello said...

bleu lavende
quebec is weird cuz all the people have weird accents and bleu lavende is there.

Leah said...

1. Lavender is pretty, but I pity you for being stuck with it.
2. Ew, you didn't draw blood, did you? I wouldn't want you to be really hurt. The trick is to avoid the sharp bits and only lick the sides very carefully.

monica said...

what kind of cake was it?

hong said...

what kind of knife was it?

Abby said...

what kind of band camp was it?

heehee, this is fun.