Monday, August 14, 2006


I sincerely think you will all read this line.

My four-part story is officially over.

Just thought I would say.

Ah... don't really have anything else.

But maybe I will later. Read Triple Threat. And I'm playing with my layout.


melissa said...

awww, its over. well, it was fun while it lasted

Leah said...

A montage for the story.....
God at a table.
Jeff at the piano.
The jar of mayonaisse.
George Gershwin.
The jar of mayonaisse.
Sam dies.
Sam dies, improbably, a second time.
The jar of mayonaisse.

Jeff said...

Um...what's with the "I sincerely think you will all read this line."?

Abby said...

guess who's back, everyone!

jon said...


Abby said...

aww, thanks, jon :-) I feel so loved

Three more weeks of freedom. Have you gotten any letters from the new DOS (dean of students)? I got one b/c i'm a student rep, and this was the first sentence:

"I hope this letter finds each of you enjoying a productive yet restorative summer vacation."



oh, and question: is there a teacher in the upper school named mrs. deluco (i don't know how to spell her name)?

Jon said...

I have gotten one from the DOS, although I can't remember it nor do I think I even read it, and about the teacher I got no idea. Although I got a new faculty list, did you not??

Jen said...

=3 Fwee!!! *huggles Abby*

Abby said...

thanks jen :-)

huggles; what a great verb.