Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boston Market

Yesterday I went to Boston Market. The person serving me had a heavy Eastern European accent.

I should've left right there. But, naturally, I didn't, or this would be an extremely boring entry.

I took a second to decide what to get, and then approached the counter.

I order my sides (mashed potatoes and corn. I'd never gotten corn before, but I figured it was healthy.)

"For here or to go?" she says, in her accent.

"For here."

Apparently, she didn't get the message. She puts my food on a plastic plate and puts a cover it, and puts it in a bag.

I decide not to say anything, but rather get a lemonade and slink to the back of the restaurant.

I take out my meal, but apparently the top wasn't on good.

I lose two pieces of my three piece dark chicken.

And a bunch of corn. Darn.

Well, I clean up as best as I can and switch tables. I eat my food. It wasn't terrible, but not great.

I start drinking my lemonade. And by that I mean I spill it all over the place.

I was just spazzing. Ah, well.

So yeah. Band camp today.


Jeff said...

Your posts lack enthusiasm now. How boring. Plus, Boston Market has good food! Well, maybe not when you spill it all over the place...At least, when we got it the food was pretty good.

Leah said...

I can't remember the last time I ate at Boston Market.

emma said...

1. are you being racist?
2. which boston market did you go to?
3. aren't the mashed potatoes GOOD?
4. did you get cornbread?
5. how on earth is boston market "not great?"

Ello said...

Spastical Sam

Jon said...

I think I have found a if not the problem with Sam's blog, it is most if not all of his commenters. They criticize him/what he does non stop, and yes, I have done it, and yes, I am going to do my best to not do that.

Sarah Brown said...

sam. hey. haven't talked to you in a while. yeah. so. yeah.

Ali said...

1. je suis in a minor freakout stage.
2. Major freakout may occur soon.
3. Or i may just have to do something i don't want to do.
4. or i'll slap something.
5. spastical is a cool word.
6. i despise boston market.

Molly Wobbles said...

OMG its sam XD

Jon said...


angie said...

hmmm, i don't know jon. would you please tell me?

Jon said...

Ummmmm, guess???

kelly h said...

i have nothing to comment about. your post was pathetic. but that could be b/c i'm sad and lonely.

Leah said...

Gee, after these comments I feel bad for you.

Carissa said...

i guess jon

i also think that sam is extremely nice because he gives me food at band camp

i also love band camp

and sam is not photogenic.

but he's cool neway

cuz he gives me food

the end


Jon said...

Nice guess, and good for Sam

Ali said...

lol no he is NOT photogenic...i have the pic on my fone to prove it XD

Leah said...
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andrew said...

And people wonder why I avoid Fast Food joints.