Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where I Draw the Line

Two things about where I draw the line.

My mass-genocide-obsessed friend says we should give out condoms with college lunches.

Actually, I kind of agree. Except it'd be a bit awkward.

And the Google Etch-a-Sketch! WTF?!?

What the frankfurter?

And I want to post Ali's away message. It's hilarious:

"talking about stuff. and not stuff like, stuff stuff, but the deep philosophy of stuff and what qualifies as stuff."

Okay so now on to Angie's book description.

Angie has brown eyes.

Author's will use two expressions to describe brown eyes: "mud-brown" and "vat of chocolate".

Somehow, Angie managed to pull off both.

If you looked at her eyes only, they were the chocolate. Very warm, very friendly.

If you looked at her face in general, they were the "mud-brown" color.

In fact, her face was full of earthy tones (oh my god. did i just say "earthy tones"? ah, screw it). Her hair was brown, her eyes were brown, her skin a darker than most others.

Angie was what one would call "friendly". She was nice, but she would also make friends easily. Sam admired her ability to walk up to any person and just tell them her name. Sam had never met anyone who didn't like Angie. She was just impossible to hate.

Angie had a gift for psychology. She knew with eery accuracy how people were feeling, and would comfort them effectively. She also managed to figure out who liked who in the group, but usually kept it to herself.

Angie had a musical talent that was a bit understated. Her singing was great, and she made it seem real. She would smile at the audience and act like happiness really was morning and evening.

Her spelling wasn't great. But it didn't really matter.

The end.


Sri said...




So yeah.

Angie said...


Jen said...

yes, that would be very weird...

:) that's pretty much Angie.

Jen said...

If I were to write book descriptions, I'd be waaaayyy too random to be acurate. I'd mention stuff like how I have my tablet pen in my mouth like a dog and its bone while I type. (It's like when you put a pencil in your mouth because you have to use both hands to do something.)

Spartan said...

very nice!

Ali said...

a stuff philosopher. i don't think i spelled that right. but yes...
the camp lip sync thing is tomorrow @ 11:30 for anyone who is interesed

Carissa said...

YAY! that IS like angie. You should have mentioned how she hasn't come to CORE in EONS though... grrr angie.

Leah said...

Well, as long as they don't hand out condoms in the lunches. Besides, a lot of college kids eat lunch elsewhere. And I'd think the main demographic to not use condoms would be teens or really stupid boys. Yeah, come to the lip sync! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Jeff said...


Angie said...