Sunday, July 16, 2006


Think Outside the Blog contest #2, entitled "The Pumpkin Fiasco"'s winner is...


Yes that's right. The person who won would not give us their name, but here is what led them to win:

Carissa's comment was the following.

"Let the pumpkin hit you. Fall off the edge. Die. You will then have escaped into heaven."

But anonymous' clever retort was what won him or her first place.

"or you will have been doomed to hell. i guess it depends on your beliefs."

Incredibly cynical. Amusing yet serious. An answer after my own heart.

Number two is Carissa's response, combining laziness with god (the perfect combination).

And three is to Jon.

"You can roll, once you have fallen on the ground, away from the canyon and towards the catapults, so to hit you, they would need to fire hirer and that should give you enough time to get up and start running again. Or if the catapults are on the other side of the canyon, so if you rolled toward them you would fall down the canyon, roll away from the catapults until you are out of range, then run like a bat out of hell flies and hide. If you are concerned about your friend you could, once out of the way of the pumpkin about to caress both your face and the ground in one fell swoop, you could stand and pickup and or drag your friend with you to safety, or roll him with you, if you can. Or just hope your friend is not hit again or too damaged from when he was hit, and when you can, get help."

Clever and correct. Also he was the only one left.

I need responses this week, as I am at a record low of three. I have decided that the winner decides next week's contest. If it is anonymous I will decide, and no one can claim they did it. Sorry.

Look at this week's winner! There answer is so short, so simple. It is clearly the work of five seconds.

This week's contest:

You got your head stuck in an extremely expensive Ming Vase. Moron. Your house is equipped with normal house stuff, but you should get out quick because Iran is bombing your house.

Good Luck.


Jon said...

Depending on how your life is going, why leave and not just get bombed?? What if that is a plus in your life? That or shatter the vase on a wall and worry about the cuts later as you run.

Leah said...
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Leah said...

Um, just doing this to delete previous posts