Friday, July 14, 2006


is a virtue.

For the WEAK!

But Jeff has been very patient, and here is his description.


The singer Jeff.
The funny Jeff.
The tall Jeff.

And yet that hardly narrows it down.

Brown Hair.

Still there is confusion has to what one.

So I would say Snoopy. Still nothing.

Jeff who has a blog. Who reads Sam's blog. Who asked for a description.

And now we know which one.

Jeff was tall. Relative to the whole grade, he was one of the tallest. He had brown hair which seemed always to be a tiny bit messy, and glasses that were rectangular with rounded edges. His nose was elongated but the rest of his face was perfectly normal.

He was tall and lanky, his arms reaching out a great deal of length. He would be a perfect basketball player, or perhaps to act as a bassist. But no, Jeff chose to play piano, which required almost no use of the arms whatsoever. Sam thought this a bit odd, but respected Jeff as one of the finest piano players in the grade. His musical skill expanded to singing and he was also had great acting talent. This combination of musical talent and acting skills made him perfect for parts in musicals which he frequently took. He was a lead in the school musical and also the main character in quite a few outside endeavors.

Jeff was different. Not unpleasantly so, but just different. Tim was different more consistantly, but Jeff was more daring. Tim would not dare to make an important speech reflect the bizarre part of his personality beyond a few minor jokes, but Jeff would go further. To name an instance, Tim's speech for the music awards was conventional, but Jeff's was different, begininning with "It was a dark and stormy night". Sam admired Jeff's jokes because they were always funny. Sam made a lot of jokes, many of which he would be forced to add at the end "Wow. That joke was terrible.", whereas almost all of Jeff's jokes were followed by resounding laughter.

Jeff and Sam would share many an inside joke, mostly relating to them both being Jewish. They would say, "It's probably because we're Jewish". All the others would try to put a knowing look on their face and nod, and we would just simply laugh.

The end.


Carissa said...

Sam is really good at descriptions.

Jeff said...

That was a very good description of me. Thank you! And patience I have only developed because I had two older sisters.

emma said...

good description.

Ali said...

lol...these are funny
and jeff: according to my brother, two older sisters develops insanity. but that's just cuz he has a problem with the fact that SOME people don't want to watch him play baseball video games and nearly bit my head off JUST CUZ i watched a little Gilmore Girls...for 6 hours. like a football game doesnt last that long or at least SEEM longer. teehee.

Jen said...

That's a pretty good description. I think I'm next, right?

angie said...

when are you comming back?