Sunday, July 02, 2006

Smile for Ted Koppel, Officer Martin

And a merry Christmas to your family...


That's not a bad song, I suppose. Once again from "Rent".

Okay so I'm mad at Carissa. Not like really mad. But I just like saying that. I find when I say I'm mad people tend to take me very seriously.

Carissa was un-lazy enough email this people.

"yay jeffrey is gone. jeffrey, my sister remembers you and it is funny. frances, i can't see the font."

But is too lazy to do my contest.

And now it's time for a story.

Once upon a time there was a bright and charming young lad named Sam. Sam had brilliant visions for the future, one where all children used Google's email client, gmail. Sam invited many a folk to join him in using Gmail, and many of them joined. This went on happily for some time, everyone enjoying google's advantages. But one day an evil maniac named Sri emailed a bunch of people at the same time. This was not a terrible thing, as it's only one email. Then a less important character named Tim replied-to-all. This was not a big deal either, for he was just informing the public who spammed them. But then a young moron named Jeffrey replied-to-all with a pointless message, and the can of worms was opened. People began ranting about off-topic materials. Conversations were being held. People replied-to-all telling others not to reply to all. People replied-to-all telling others not to reply-to-all and then apologized for replying-to-all in the "P.S.". Sri tried to stop it, but it was too late.

There was a short blissful period in which no emails came out that were moronic like these, and the people's inboxes was graced with a mere one or two important emails.

But it seems as though Sri's email lit a fuse. A two-month long fuse. For a sixth of a year later, inboxes exploded. It exploded with trash which would quickly pick up 30 replies-to-all. For people were voicing their moronic ideas, replying to 30 people with such words as just "hola". They don't seem to realize just how much pain they caused their friends.

And 1 year later, the world ended. Sri found every email address ever created, and emailed it. Stupid people replied-to-all. Sides were formed, and an all-out war ended the world.

In conclusion...



Jen said...

o.O *backs away slowly while eating a doughnut*

Jon said...

So glad I am off that list.

Jeff said...

The more you rant, the more e-mails will come. I have learned that in my time.

Maddie and Angie said...

here here to that!