Thursday, July 06, 2006

Following Directions

Our vanquisher friend has trouble following directions.

Excerpt from my last post:

"But I need two things: your gender and your eye color.

The way I am prepared to accept these answers are odd, but the reasons will not be revealed.

You must email me at my hotmail account: I know it's Tim's thing. It's a long story.

Your email must be either from a Hotmail or a Yahoo account. I will accept nothing else.

Your email must be in the following format:

[gender], [eye color]

Nothing else is to be written.

Meanwhile I will continue posting descriptions after you until my wishes are fulfilled."

You MUST email it from a hotmail or yahoo account, it MUST be in that format.

Gender must be either male or female, eye color you must have only two.

If these demands are not met I will not write a description for you.

The reason I have Tim's thing is that a while ago, Tim did a post because he won LOTW. A girl name Claire told him that she wanted to get together with him and left him an email address. I sent her an email using hotmail pretending to be Tim, so I used his name (nerdjedi).

Oh and over at Tim's Blog a "mad quoter" war broke out. This was a quote by one of them that I thought was cool:

One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.

---Josef Stalin

For those of you that don't know, Josef Stalin was a communist dictator of the former Soviet Union for some time and killed millions of people.

Pleasent, eh?


Jen said...

but of course. ;) I read animal farm, and Stalin was one of the pigs.

Jon said...


Jon said...

Oh and by lost I mean, I should have read the earlier post instead of just commenting, oh well.

Carissa said...


vanquisher of anonymous-ness said...


While I compliment you on your ingenuity, I laugh in your face for thinking I am that gullible. I know what you're trying to do. If it were any more obvious, it would be written on your very forehead. I am no fool, Sam.

Melissa said...

I remember claire... I always thought she was maddie for some reason.

And the idea for the book descrition is really cool. Could I have one?

Jon said...

Sam, Abby will probably want one, but she is off at camp. And the date is July seventh, and only special people who rock will know why this date is awesome. And it is not something that happend before seventeen years ago, and it is not because it is 7/7.

Carissa said...

oh. and that is a SAD/MEAN quote thing.

Frances =) said...

I commented on last post. So yay mee.
Book? I didn't even read this post.
Vanquisher. . .? OH. Nvm.
What if people have G-MAIL? HUH?!?!?
Tim's blog. . .I need to start checking blogs again. . .really.

Frances =) said...

Just. . .reading your other posts. HOMEMADE. . .KARAOKE?!?!?!?!? Wow. . .that's. . .special.