Monday, July 10, 2006

An Apple a Day

So this is a first for me. I am officially blogging from...

duh duh duh duuuuuuuh.

A MACINTOSH. I am sitting on Jon's bed in his room here in Lewes, DE. Well, technically it's our guest room, but he's using it for the week. So yeah. It's fun.

He's sitting sitting on the otherside of the bed, leaning on the headboard.

This is his laptop, but my parents were sick of me using their computer so I'm using Jon's.

I like the feel of this keyboard... it's funny.

And I feel like using a mac has made my writing style different. Is my writing style different?

Ah, well. So I'm going to do Jon's first cause he's sitting right here, and then Jeff's tomorrow or the next day, cause I'll bring a camera to Guys and Dolls. I'll tell you, it's incredibly difficult to do these without a picture. I'll be home tomorrow (but back the next day) so I'll grab my yearbook.

Okay, so, without further ado, Jon's Book Description!

Sam thought Jon was tall. Of course, when you're as short as Sam was, everyone was tall. But Jon was especially tall.

He was probably the oldest person Sam could call a "friend" only. I mean, he could call his sister a friend, but she was also his sister.

Jon's height fit him well. He wasn't one of those very tall people that seemed to simply be tall only by chance, but rather the rest of him adapted. He was strong and had a wide chest.

When someone met him the first thing they thought was probably not that he was tall, but later they would realize that he was tall for his age.

He had a head of curly black hair; the front which seemed to consider having bangs, but curl up just before. He had rectangular glasses that had rounded corners, behind which lurked his eyes, which changed with the seasons; a hazel in the winter and fall, and a gray-green in the spring and summer. His cheeks were a tad red, and the bridge of his nose a bit narrower than most.

He didn't play an instrument, as far as Sam knew, but it seemed as though he had musical talent. When he would hum along to his iPod he would be on key, and when he drummed quietly upon a tabletop his tempo would not waver.

Playing cards, Jon was a sight to see. He had an unusual strategy for most games that was extremely effective, and picked up new games very quickly. That is, he wouldn't "pick them up". Anyone could understand a card game. Within a half-hour of teaching Jon "euchre", Sam watched in amazement as Jon calmly pulled in all five tricks. He acted as though he was a casual chess-player, but was also very good at the game.

Jon was funny. His jokes appealed to all ages, which Sam admired. While Sam's jokes could make kids his age laugh, Jon's jokes could send his mother, Sam's sister, and Sam into stitches all at the same time.


Jon said...

It kind of feels wrong to comment on my own description, so I guess I will leave it with a few words. Green apples, computers aside, are the best.

emma said...

gosh i haven't played euchre in awhile...i always thought it was spelled "yuker" because the last time i played it i was an idiotic ten year old who spelled phonetically.

serena said...

"when you're as short as Sam was, everyone was tall"


that's one to keep.

Jen said...

=3 Vital information for your every day life:

an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

*doctor enters*

*throws apple at doctor; doctor falls down*

Works every time!

Carissa said...

i've never heard of euchre

Melissa said...

Macs will rule the world someday...

Jeff said...

As long as my photo doesn't end up on the internet.

Leah said...

This one was pretty funny... I've blogged on my grandmother's mac before, but her computer doesn't actually have an Apple keyboard or moniter. I feel like I'll say or have said something stupid now.