Monday, July 31, 2006


I wrote this whole long story for you, and then it goes and deletes itself.


Okay: three things.
  1. Esto es Budweiser. Esto es cervesa.
  2. Lying is wrong. Especially a lot of lying. And especially lying so much you can't remember who you lied to and what you told them.
  3. Who is this Chris person? Is he Frances' boyfriend? Someone answer me!

It was a really great story, too.

Ah, well.


Jen said...

o.O Where did you hear of this "Chris" person? (I have heard nothing about him...)

Frances said...

Yeah. Who?

Ali said...

i must know is he your boyfriend?!?!?

Jeff said...

I think he's Frances' boyfriend.

The Hoopla Man said...

Hmm... the plot thickens. Considerably. I, personally, have no comment at all whatsoever. Hoopla!

Jesse said...

Sam, according to my sources, you are correct about this 'Chris' person.