Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Sign-Off

Daily Irony: A surgeon is operating very carefully on his patient. He then has a stroke and falls onto his patient, thus killing him.

I need an email sign-off. Please vote between these:

Irony is my passion.
I live it, I breathe it, I feel it.
May it torture you always.


Irony of Fate is my hobby.

Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf.
Adolph Coors was allergic to beer.
The President of WHO died because he needed brain surgery.

I hope something happens to you.


Irony of Fate is a passion.

I live it. I breathe it.

I Heart Irony.


Okay... I won't post tomorrow. So bye now.


Abby said...

Personally, I like the one you have now: "with what could barely be called sincerety"

Carissa said...

don't u have a chain e-mail on that?

Jen said...

um... yeah, I agree with Abby. Don't be too obsessed over the irony thing. Irony is great but remember english class: show; don't tell. In other words don't be all, "irony this and irony that" but rather show examples of irony. It's much funnier. =)

Angie said...

see yall tonight!

serena said...

i like the

"irony is my passion"


it's good.

melissa said...

yeah, I have no idea. probably the 2nd one. No one ever emails me so it doesn't really effect me.

Hannah said...

hey sam! this is hannah, emma's sister. i like the beethoven one. it pretty much rocks. see you at band camp!

Ali said...

u must update! and while your at it, help me with my picture! it's being stupid!

hong said...

you like irony THATmuch?

monica said...

apparently he does.

YOUR MOM said...

I AGREE WITH ABBY -- your barely called sincerity sign off was funniest -- and the most sam.

by the way, rachel and i think its ironic that your daily ironies are not ironic.

Anonymous said...

I like "I hope something happens to you"
Although the thing you sign off now with (apparantly) is also pretty funny.
And P.S I don't get why some king writing "nothing of importance happned today" on July 4 17-7o-whatever is so ironic. Unless maybe that was the independance day. Was that independance day? I don't know... that's why I asked...