Sunday, June 11, 2006

It seems a shame,

The walrus said, to play them such a trick.
After we've made them run so far,
And made them trot so quick.
The carpenter said nothing but,
"This butter's spread to thick".

Daily Irony: A lie to spare someone's feelings often can result in this person being taunted (i.e. saying someone looks good in a hideous dress. Later they might be made fun of because of it).

I'm really kind of running out of those.

The poem is called "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll (also the author of Alice in Wonderland). You can read the rest here. It seems odd that Disney ruined those books. They combined the two books he wrote: Alice and Through the Looking Glass. It's seems a shame.

So Sandy Hill was interesting. I thought I'd have more trouble getting to sleep but it really wasn't a problem. Then there was that dance at CHS. It was like VF's except more people making fun of me. Mike N. was sitting at a table looking depressed so I sat down next to him and also looked depressed. Then Tim and some more people joined us.

Soon Maddie came over and said "You guys look so depressed!". It was so funny.

Moving on...

I hate Xanga Lock! It's so stupid! It prevents people that aren't logged in from getting to a certain Xanga. UGH! What's the point? Is the theory that stalkers are too lazy to get a Xanga account? How does it protect you? WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

Moving on some more...

Dain and I made up a word: Shna (pronounced "shnah"). It is a noun (i.e. "He's such a shna!") that means that the person thinks maturity means talking about the physical appearances of girls in a crude and annoying manner. We were eating lunch at Sandy Hill and Seb K. was in my cabin and was being a shna. I think it's funny that he thinks that is maturity and therefore it will get him a girlfriend, yet more people in our social group have a boyfriend/girlfriend. The adjective is "Shnay", and the verb form is "Shning".

I hate shnas.

Okay then... I think I'm done.

So the summary is:

Sandy Hill was fun.
Dance was stupid.
Xanga Lock is moronic.
Shnas are annoying.


Ali said...

omg shna! that's a fun and the king of prussia... bwah haha...!!! ok that made 0 sense.

so i will leave now.


monica said...

the lock is keeps blogs outta search your beloved google...


melissa said...

The girls in my cabin were talking about what the shnas thought of them. They really thought it mattered, so it was kind of funny.

Oh, and you forgot to mention how awkward you were at the dance. that was funny.

Carissa said...

The dance was fun. my hair was pretty. sandy hill was fun. how'd u come up with "shna"?

Jeff said...

There are too many shnas in the world and not enough people who go by personality.

One can be too many.

That links to the above quote.

Sandy Hill was fun. The Israeli "skipper" (captains go down with the ship, skippers are the first to get off.) of the pontoum boat (sp? I have no idea how to spell it) was definitely the coolest guy there. Hee...swimming in the river, dancing on the boat...good times.

Jesse said...

I know some shnas. They are so annoying.

hong said...

xanga lock is definitely not moronic because it serves a purpose.

Of course, it doesn't make a person's xanga completely safe from stalkers, but that's not the point. If a someone wanted only their friends to view their xanga, they could set their posts to private.

However, it does increase security, because the xanga is no longer open to the public; it is only available to those willing to go through the trouble to create an account/log in.

While it is true that a stalker could easily create an account/log in, it is also veritable that there are a large number of potential stalkers that might not go to such lengths. Further, it's obvious Xanga lock isn't completely pointless, seeing as you yourself have expressed that it prohibited you from accessing a xanga (i'm assuming that's what you were implying?). Despite your not being a stalker, your experience proves that it does xangalock does accomplish something. Thus, we can assume if someone wished to access a xanga that the owner would have rather not happen, xanga lock will at least serve as a bit of a hinderance.

and, seeing as xanga lock takes about 2 seconds to enable, that added little bit of security can't be harmful or "moronic"

actually, I don't really care that much about xanga lock...sorry if it was offensive-I just wanted to debate, sorry for wasting your time! : D

sam said...

no... it's moronic.

because it hinders more than it helps.

basically it's an inconvenience. to me, and not to stalkers.

because any stalker has a xanga account.

emma said...

ummmmm...what's a shna?

Abby said...

shna... cool word.

i've been lucky so far to not have to put up with a large number of shnas (is that the plural?) on a daily basis. but in the grade below me a large percent of the boys are shnas.

what would the female equivilant be?... maybe a girl who thinks that maturity means treating a boyfriend like an accessary (sp?).

Jon said...

Abby, trust me, shnas are very common in the upper school.

hong said...

Still, it's not completely futile; it serves a (small) purpose.

do you frames are moronic? they, too, serve only a very small purpose, and can hinder. (i.e. if you're trying to move the thingy in the frame somewhere else).

monica said...



emma said...

okay. i see now. the definition of a shna is in your entry. right. i knew that.

serena shnas-nas+i. said...

why are hong's comments always essays?

i agree. shnas (?) are quite annoying. but the word shna kinda reminds me of my last name...excpet for the n and the a and the s. yea.

serena said...

hong gets into a lot of debates.

especially asian the one she and i had yesterady about spanish vs. french.

but because you're not asian...i can't call it an asian debate..unless you're an adopted julie k.

jon said...

What, friday is the last day i have to go to school before summer, and i have been out since friday, but i am going to the graduation for friends...YEA SUMMER AND OWNING A POOL AND HOT TUB!!!!!!!

Soccer Fanatic Who Thou Shalt Never Guess said...


Leah said...

I don't even get a mention when you talk about the CHS thing? Do love the word though. 7th grade boys are so full of themselves. Their such total shnas.

Jon said...

When do you guys get out of school??

Anonymous said...

are you ever gonna post again?

Jon said...

You win talent show??

Jen said...

what? If you're talking about the variety show, there are no winners.

jon said...


Abby said...

this is fun to read.

WE WANT POSTS! WE WANT POSTS! ... (ahem) joke: I barely ever post on my blog, so I'm in no possition to demand that you post more.

Susan said...

Sam, what do you think of this for our pit shirts? (you can feel free to tell me your ideas)

1) "Watson, why does the band sound so awful today?"
"No pit, Sherlock."

2) (picture of red mallets)
Mmm... Cherry flavored

Congratulations on surviving middle school. I'm sorry you don't like dances. Was there Bob Marley music at Sandy Hill?

Ali said...

i feel left out now! i put you on my links, but i'm not on your links! *sobs*
AND my iPod keeps beeping. is that normal?

serena said...

i saw you at your grad!

and i was like HI SAM!

yeah. i know it was pretty cool.