Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let, First Serve

"...You hadn't exactly gone out of your way to call attention to them had you? I mean like actually telling anyone or anything.

But the plans were on display...

On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.

That's the display department.

With a torch.

Ah, well the lights had probably gone.

So had the stairs.

But, look, you found the notice didn't you?

Yes, yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of The Leopard"."

Love that book.

Okay so camp was today. And yesterday. And the day before yesterday. Basically the only thing I'm any good at is ping-pong. I have a rivalry with one of my friends.

Camp friend. Not friend... friend.

You know.

Anyway yesterday I beat him but today he beat me. So yeah... we're pretty evenly matched.

Okay so here's my problem with Xanga Lock. People say it helps protect them (it doesn't, it's definitely just an inconvenience). If you're that paranoid, why do you keep the name of your SCHOOL posted on your Xanga. It's so stupid. It's like if someone wanted to protect their house so they poked some toothpicks in the ground as a wall, and then left their door unlocked.

I don't know how my title relates. I just thought it was cool.

This is post number 180.


nerdjedi said...

Congrats on your 180th post! It takes skill to run a blog that long!

Ali said...

180 POSTS!?!?!?
this calls for a special occasion..
*jumps around with sparklers*

melissa said...

I use xanga lock so I know everyone who's been on my xanga, not for protection.

Leah said...

In celebration, I will now write 180 180 times. Or maybe not.. anyway, congradulations.

Carissa said...

that's why i don't have xanga lock. u need to post more. what camp are u going to?

angie said...

why do you hate me???

serena said...

yay 180

i didn't exactly get the beginning of this post..but i'll pretend i did. see. i did.