Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Downward Spiral

Daily Irony- Someone is up too late studying for a test. They don't get enough sleep. As such, they fail the test.

School has set me into a downward spiral. Hey here's a question: why do we go down? Why is down associated with bad things? Why isn't upward associated with badness? Like, "Oh you could go to either heaven, or, ya' know, up there". Wouldn't that be funny.

Why can't we read right to left. Hebrew does! It's so much nicer. But no... left to right. Stupid English. I hate English. You know what else I hate?

Adults who compliment me on my politeness. This is not me bragging about my politeness. But today I said "Thank you" to someone and the adult was like, "Oh you're so polite" and I just wanted to be like "Oh, shut up!". It's very ego-centric of them. To assume that I'm polite so that they might compliment me. I'm polite because it's the right way to be. Not because I might have the honor of some random adult bestowing a compliment on me. Jerks.

Jerk is a funny word, too. You can be a jerk, or you can jerk a string. What is that?

Oh, time to go.

Oh right! Downward spiral. My point was that they're giving us more homework as the year ends and it's stupid. And I was going to brag about how I get to go to Hershey Park on Friday.

Yay for whatever.


hong said...


hong said...

yesssssssssssssssssssss i was!!!!!!!!!
anyway. Um. yeah. Teachers can give us more at the end of the year because that's when we're "smartest", I suppose. They think that we, after being under their influence for school year, have been drastically matured or something. also cuz there's the hope (dread for some) or summer. and because it doesn't quiteeeeeeeee matter if you fail 4th marking period

Jeff said...

No, no, see, at the end of the year, teachers realize that they have to cram in all the stuff they didn't teach us earlier in the year into the four weeks before the end of school. That's the real reason we have more homework now.

Carissa said...

yay. joy. downward spiral. actually, teachers give us so much more hw because they realize that they actually have like 2 months worth of stuff to teach in 2 weeks, so they must speed up!

Carissa said...

Aw. jeff said what i was going to say first.

Abby said...

or you can be a jerk jerking a string.


everything gets harder in the spring, cuz everyone has an energy unspring, teachers included

your very close relative said...

Did you change your background color? It's still not working for me.

Grownups compliment you on your politeness because they're polite -- its a way of acknowledging and appreciating -- it's just like saying to someone "nice haircut" "nice shirt" "nice irony" etc

Ali (cuz i can't do the other signature cuz of SAM said...

trying to think of a poem for that whole downward spiral thing.
but everything i write sucks.
i once wrote a song while staring at my VCR. So it has all these VCR analogies, and it's called "Rewind".

monica said...

HHAHHAHA "under their influence"!!!!! at first i thought it said "under THE influence" of the school year!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

bleh. me est going in de downward spirally tambien! grrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

the very close relative is Rachel, right?

Anonymous said...

nope. ECB.

Jen said...

I like spiraling downwards on parachutes. Whee!!!