Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Finally! A cool title.

Alright this is a "recycled" post because I have like two minutes to post and this is just a poem I wrote for English.

"The Narrative Poem"

The clock on the wall reads 9:02
I have to finish this poem
My mom is telling me to hurry it up
As I struggle to rhyme with “ohm”

I take the easy way out of rhyming
By explaining what I need
I need a plot to finish this work
One of evil, sin, or greed

Perhaps my problem is right there
Right where I can see it
To finish the poem is the way to go
My problem? I will be it.

6 minutes went by in the flash of an eye
My dad has gone upstairs
My mom and sister watch TV
“Friends” from their comfortable chairs

The day that past was hard and fast
My schedule was hectic, yes.
School and play practice for 9 hours straight
And my poem is not over, I guess.

I still have no plot! I know what it is,
I just can’t say it in my head,
I feel like I’m just pouring words in this poem,
And I just want to go to bed

But I continue until I finish my work,
Under the monitor’s glow,
For soon, maybe soon, it will be done,
And this is what keeps me going, I know.
This is what keeps me going.

I look at the clock in disbelief
9:20? You must be joking.
This, the 8th stanza, must be the last.
I hope my poem’s provoking

One more stanza to finish the beast,
To finish my problem, my plot
The irony is obvious to me.
Since my poem’s not done, I’m caught.

I’m ending it now, I must, I have to
For my sanity, for god’s sake!
My life seems to revolve around this poem.
And now, it’s over, my ache.


Jen said...

:o cool poem

Anonymous said...


Abby said...

sweet (to be said in Crush-esque voice) poem; very straight-forward

anonymous; REALLY not something to joke about

Leah said...

Abby, you're back! or have Internet access! Now, if we killed ourselves, who would do the next post? I tell it would be incomplete. And the world would end. And after the world had ended, everyone would be like 'Oh, crap'. Plus, you'd be dead too. Which would suck.

Abby said...

yup, i is back! I feel very loved, thank you :-)

do i really put my name said...


Carissa said...

i LOOVE that poem! it is sooo good. my narrative poem STINKS... except Cacciaotore lOVED it... ah well, she is dillusional neway... i was thinking about doing a poem like that b/c i couldn't come up with an idea. Good thing i didn't. urs is wayyy better than anything i EVER could have done.

Jeff said...

Ha! I loved the poem! I know of few who write poems about writing poems.

Ali said...

i wrote a poem just like that.
isnt it weird when those "original" ideas become unoriginal...HENRY?
mwha ha ha