Sunday, February 05, 2006

How to use Google so I don't hate your guts

We've all seen it. Go to, type in your query, and you're ready to roll.

But there's more. To find it, Charlie Brown, you really have to delve! Well, actually it's incredibly simple, especially with this handy-dandy (not notebook) post!

So let's get started! Google's first (and most obvious) use is it's ability to dig up incredible amounts of information in a short amount of time. So I won't go into detail. But here's something you didn't know (make sure you check SaRpics for screenshots) : Google can define words. If you type in "Define:" and then a word immediately after (no spaces), it defines it.

But that's not all. If want to convert almost any unit to another, just type it in. If I want to know how many minutes old I am, I simply type "13 years to minutes" (6,837,333.96). Just type a value, a unit, "to", and then another unit. Your gold, man!

What else, what else! Languages! Google can translate sentences, or entire pages! Just click here, and you're there. Spanish homework is easy; I don't have to bring home my book.

Gmail, of course, another of the many useful tools google provides, is a mail client, taking no downloads, and no space. It is incredibly easy to use, and is easy to check anywhere (except for school. Damn you, internet blocker). If you have this, you can also download Google's IM client, Google Talk. Many of my friends have already found the wonder that is Google Talk.

Froogle is a useful price-comparison guide, finding anything you want on the web (yes, I searched "Guns". And I found some, Damnit!).

Google Local is another useful tool, finding anything in a certain location, as well as providing a phone number, website, and directions to or from it.

Anyone who ever made a PowerPoint presentation on anything knows the value of Google Images. I won't go into details on this. You get it.

Picasa, a Google photo editor, is invaluble for cropping and posting pictures on blogger; I couldn't have done it without Picasa.

Well, that's about it for now. Today, I was just scratching the surface of Google's vast array of blah blah blah.

On a last note: Jen, keep posting comments and such; they amuse us. And let me know that you're still visiting. I'll be sad if you don't. *Sniff*, yeah, no: I suck at it.

Make sure you check out SaRpics for screenshots (see above or the sidebar). Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Blablabla. Yay for google. We all know you love it thanx to ur WONDERFUL shirt. Where did you even GET that thing. Google. Is. Not. As. Good. As. Yahoo!.

and are you saying that you cheat on your spanish hw?

Carissa said...

YAY! SECOND TO COMMENT! Google does THAT MUCH STUFF??? I don't like it's e-mail though. The end.

Vince (You don't know me) said...

So ging ich zur Sprachübersetzer-SAM, die auf seinem blog bekanntgegeben wurde. Es ist erstaunlich. Es übersetzt Sprachen. Richtig. Mit Grammatik und alles. Es ist erstaunlich. Im Allgemeinen was ich bin, ist Saying, ich sind nicht dieser, der am Deutschen noch gut ist. Ich kann nur sagen einen ungefähr Third von, was oben hier ist. So danke SAM!

Cool site. I like it. I was actually searching for my friends blog. and i found yours. it is pretty cool. now i will pass my german class because i have a translator. is what i normally use. but it is bad.


a desperate angie said...

hi vince! i'm angie! go to my site too!

Admin said...

Sam, is it okay to comment using this account? That way we know that no one will try to impersonate me. =D

Admin said...

(you know who I am...)

nerdjedi said...

Sent you my post, Sam. So post it here soon, and be sure to read the other email with the thing I forgot. Later.

Jesse said...

Tim, what's your post about? Is it just rambling like mine was, or does it have a point?

nerdjedi said...

My post is rambling, though with a point.

Abby said...

yyyyeeeeaaah because I can really read german

Anonymous said...

google is the best

spanish=easy said...

me use it for certain spanish hw too, (and you latin people would use it too if it wasn't a dead language...)

Molly Wobbles said...

OMG its TIM O.o!!!! I will poke off your hat muahahahahahahaha!!! XD