Saturday, February 18, 2006

4 things

Man, Maddie got 32 posts on this post. Damn! Let's try for like 40 or something.

Also, I figured out the case of the migrating sidebar. Turns out I forgot to close one of my tags (align left). Everything got pushed to the left, including the sidebar. It's natural tendency was to then move to the bottom of the page.

Yes, Jesse, Linux does rock. Thank you for pointing that out.

Well, I don't have a fourth thing. So...

That's that.


Jen said...

well, that was sorta short. and pointless, no offense... =o

Jeff said...

Interesting how you can't count.

person who just took up a lot of room on this page said...

here's some cool 3-D art and picture sites

3-D Art (my favorite, go view the various galleries)

www. (takes a few seconds to load)


Digitally Manipulated Pictures

what I'm wondering is if anyone will actually go to those sites...

Carissa said...

i might go to those sites... eventually.... if i have time.... yuppers!


Guess what? sam commented on my blog! Even if it was an EVIL comment. I didn't get offended tho... so don't worry sam.

Cuz i never get offended. Its true. That doesn't mean u should try to offend me tho. cuz i would get annoyed... and i can get VERY annoyed. And upset. just not offended.

Whee.... lets help sam get a bunch of comments.... i'll post a VERY controversial issue.... oh.. here is a good one...

I <3 George Bush... (not LITERALLY)... he is a REALLY good president and an AMAZING person

hehehe... i think almost everyone who comments on this blog disagrees tho.

now i'm just typing for the sake of it, so

bibi everyone

Anonymous said...

You just started a political debate over the idiocy of Bush's terms. Congrats.

Anonymous said...


Jesse said...

Since Linux rocks, lemme tell everybody how to get it. Download VMPlayer. Its free. Then download the Ubuntu VM. Its huge. It extracts to 2 gigs.

waster of commenting space said... Bush being a good president even an issue? I think he sucks as a president, but there aren't any other better candidates. The debate should be more on why humans are so stupid. I shall now say why both Republicans and Democrats are stupid.

The democrats are stupid since they keep on talking about how it was stupid to fight Iraq, but something would have happened anyway since the US government is all messed up.

The Republicans are stupid because they are basically setting up the US for a large crash in the future because of their stupid economic and "help big companies" policies.

All other parties are stupid because their ideas are just plain stupid.

Any people who were actually smart went into businesses or science-related jobs, leaving the stupid people to be politicians. And do you know why I used the word "stupid" so many times? That's because the human species is very stupid, and it is a miracle that it has progressed so far.

I congratulate you if you read this whole "comment".

waster of commenting space said...

and if you read all of that, you have just proven yourself as stupid. HA!

Becky said...

short post, but fun to read
yet i have nothing else to do
so don't get too flattered

Leah said...

Bush is quite possibly the worst president in history. He's just a manipulative party-boy who's enjoying a long vacation. Well, obviously you should've chosen a different title. However, "3 things" just isn't that catchy. Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

Bush is amazing and i would say more... but i doubt any of u stubborn democrats would LISTEN to any of it...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the waster person (who was that?)- Humans are stupid.