Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Adventures of Conor & Muffin and Other Exciting Stories

Meanwhile, Conor meets his friend Jesse for lunch at Panera. It is an old friend, from high school. Conor has driven a long way but he does not mind. He has nowhere to be in particular. His cat, Muffin, waits in the car with the windows cracked.

Jesse and Conor reconnect in a way Conor did not think was possible. They talk at length about their friendship in high school and the individual lives they have led since, the way their trajectories have diverged, the way they’ve changed for the better or worse. They bring up old jokes and lost loves. They laugh and sigh and remember.

When they are done eating, Jesse walks Conor out to his car and hugs him and says, what a wonderful lunch, you have become a reminder of what I once was and so I’d like this to be the last time we see one another. And then he walks away and Conor just stands there, staring at his cat through the car window, like, what can you say to that.


elena dawn said...

That's awesome!

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