Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Love Stories

We had just moved into a small apartment at the bottom of the ocean.

"I'd just like to go over some household expectations," you announced. "For instance, I expect you to clean the jellyfish out of the pipes. Also if we spring a leak I expect you to let me die first as I don't think I could handle drowning down here alone."

I nodded, this all sounded pretty reasonable.

"In return," you said, "I'll cook fish you catch. Healthy-looking ones at least. And I won't complain about how long the commute is by submarine."

That night we made love by the light of the anglerfish. It was a hassle that I'd need to pick up oxygen tanks every day until the algae farm started working, but the moon sure looked pretty nice reflected in the water's surface.


Anonymous said...

don't think i haven't read it. iread everything you write[ at least on this blog] and i am always glad to see new work.

Never Been Stung said...

Are they stinging jellyfish or moon jellyfish? Because that would matter.

: BUTTERY THRONE : said...

:: nice poetry , i write bits of poetry along with my art work to emphasise it , never really tried to do a long poem before ::