Friday, February 10, 2012

Brian Duncard, Flyin' Drunkard

This needs revision but I'm trying to post more, you may see a better version of it soon.


I'd like to tell a story that I hope you'll think is cool
About a friend named Brian that I met while back in school.
See Brian had a little quirk I bet will get you thinking,
For it would only manifest itself while he was drinking.

When normal people drink, they mostly wake up in a bed,
But Brian always woke up in quite strange locales instead.
He'd wake up in hotel rooms, he'd wake up in a fountain,
He once awoke to find himself on a gigantic mountain.

And Brian never could recall how he would get these places.
Instead of normal memories, he'd only have blank spaces.
Until one Friday night he walked right up to me and said,
"Tonight we should find out why I don't wake up in my bed!"

We watched a movie and he had a beer or seventeen.
And just about at midnight - well, I thought it was a dream -
I couldn't comprehend just what it was I was discovering.
I looked at Brian Duncard and I saw that he was hovering.

When the next morning came I didn't know quite what to do.
He came down from the roof and still he didn't have a clue.
I sat him down and said to him, "now listen closely, Brian,
The fact is when you'd drank enough, you up and started flyin'"

He thought at first what I had said was pure misinformation,
But soon he came to see there was no other explanation.
He stood up from his chair and left my dorm room in a daze,
But not before he grabbed a can of beer while on his way.

And he did not return that night; he'd left the school right then.
It wasn't 'til years later that I saw that man again.
I was on the night shift at the clinic just last week,
When Brian Duncard came in looking haggard, sick, and meek.

I walked to him and cried out, "What has happened, my old friend?"
He winked and said, "I'm fairly certain this could be the end,
And though I don't remember much, I'm certain this is true:
You wouldn't mourn me if you saw the places that I flew."


Anonymous said...

hey buddy, doesn't need a thing. bravo!

A fan said...

I guess that's called flying high.

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