Sunday, March 06, 2011

Office Hours

Oh, Timmy! Please come in.

No, it's no trouble at all, that's what office hours are for. What part specifically were you having trouble with?

The blocks, of course. When I saw you knock down Clarissa's tower and then stomp on her juice box I figured you might be encountering some difficulties. Let's just take them out here and see what we've got so far.

Okay, see, right away, you're trying to start out with this triangle piece as the base of your structure. That's going to be a problem because- well, try to balance this other block on top.

Exactly! So what could you maybe use instead?

You know we don't mix the blocks and the play-dough.

Yes! The square block would be perfect. Give that a try.

Well, I'm just glad I could help you out. Is there anything else you wanted to go over?

Sure, we could do that. Let's just see what your notes look like, did you bring your- yeah, see, again, right away, Batman isn't a month. What could-

There's no need to be vulgar, Timmy.


Anonymous said...

hey buddy, i read and pondered; a good experience, over- all.

Worried about Utley said...


Anonymous said...

See, right away, it's clear -- seems that Timmy needs a bit of remedial training or maybe he's just a vulgar blockhead. All is not lost -- all is not lost.