Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm sorry about this.

1. Sadness of knowing you can't win; sadness of knowing it is all your fault; sadness of missing; sadness of love; sadness of death; sadness of poorly-flavored crackers; sadness of a stuffy nose; sadness of mistakes; sadness of in-laws; sadness of cold fingers; sadness of injury; sadness of poor punctuation; sadness of lists.

2. One couch without two cushions, one drying rack, one TV (never used), one desk, one chair, three pairs of cleats, one pair of running shoes, one movie poster, one box from home, one small container of dish soap, one used band-aid, one old piece of fruit.

3. Sleeping in, successful layouts, warmth on cold days, riding bikes inside, playing a game you are too old for, original music, the xylophone, losing and feeling okay about it, laughter (of course), friendship, snow, kittens, inside jokes, rhetorically mindful text messages, inconclusion.


Heather said...

Never be sorry for having fun, unless it hurt someone else!

wenorika said...

it is beautiful what you wrote !

erwin said...

This is true. Never be sorry for having fun, unless it raise someone added!
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close relative said...

I had gotten out of the habit of checking. Glad I did check! I like lists.