Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here is what love is like: flowers. Flowers, love is like flowers because it dies, or maybe because it blossoms or because it is perennial, I mean I don't know. Just pick something, and love is like flowers, and also like lettuce, romaine lettuce, because it is hard to keep fresh and also it can leave a bad taste in the mouth and it is frequently green and served with too-salty dressing. Love is like hitting a baseball, because it is something that people think is ordinary but actually it is hard to do well. Love is like fine art, because it is often imitated but difficult to find the real thing, or it is framed and hung in a museum, what? Love is like the perfect huck, because people say it's not real but we've all seen it, once, or even twice, maybe, and because it takes practice and it is beautiful and it involves a lot of drive from the hips, more than you'd think. Love is like a nice pillow, comforting (of course), and soft, and sometimes a little cold. Love is like a pocket watch in that it seems pretty reliable but it is easy to lose, and love is like a mug of hot chocolate in that it is best when there is snow and the time is maybe 5:00,or 5:30. Love is like a rubik's cube because the goal is simple but the process is difficult and love is like aspirin because it makes stupid things hurt less, I don't know. I don't know. Love is like this: you don't know, I mean you don't know and you can't know. Love is like this: you want to summarize it but you know you can't, and I guess in that way love is like everything. Love is like similes because both are stupid and unnecessary and almost always inevitable. Love is not like anything. Love is not like anything.


Anonymous said...

nockazinlove is a pretty complicated commodity. for example--two young deer are asleep on the back portion of my property. i see them often. i've watched them grow. i love them but i know that one day they will leave. but as the french say,"c'est la vie"

Poppy said...

Ha ha, I loved that. Sometimes I thought your creativity shows through word games like that one, but then again you are right, it's stupid and unnecessary. :)

Great post ...

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Ali said...

I love this. Even though it made my eyes hurt.

Anonymous said...

i liked this. but then again... MORE ultimate references?

Anonymous said...

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Ominous said...

I love your writing style. And i love your similes. Your similes are like dogs, you never know when they are going to bite.

Cristina said...

I just popped into your blog and loved so much this post. Wonderfully written and very creative. Keep the work up! =)

Meehawk18 said...

love this post sam!