Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Nighttime Adventures of Huron and Victoria

Here is something, Huron says to Victoria, there is no scientific distinction between a lake and a pond. It is night time, and they are both sitting on the tire swing next to the lake or the pond or whatever. You probably know the scene: they're close but not touching, her hair looks nice, he is not wearing sneakers. What I mean is you could call the Great Lakes the Great Ponds, did you know that? You wouldn't be technically wrong.

In the dark, Huron looks close at Victoria's freckles and thinks about kissing her cheek but decides against it. I mean he's not even sure if this shit is a date, and, with the moon behind the clouds like it is, things can get a little tricky to distinguish.


Still a Phan said...

Both named after lakes, or ponds? meant for each other.

Anonymous said...

i like Great Ponds. the british will like it too.

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful New Beginning. I saw the moon last night and your story captured it perfectly. I was hoing he would kiss her and now I'm in suspense.

Carissa said...


heh. reminds me of amy pond.

Anonymous said...

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