Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Weeks at Rokenbok Construction

First day on the job here at Rokenbok Construction. Mr. Rokenbok seems nice if a little boring. I got in my dump truck and moved some balls around.

Was instructed to move around some more balls today. It was sort of fun but I got bored fast. After I delivered a few loads of balls today I noticed there were suddenly more balls in the loading zone where I pick them up. I wonder where they come from.

I am finding this whole ball-moving thing very difficult. The controls on the truck are hard to figure out; wish I had received training. Plus I can hold, like, four balls at a time, unless they are the red ones in which case I can hold five. What is the difference between the balls, anyway?

Moved some more balls today.

Today I noticed a lot of red balls and less blue ones. I moved them all around.

Monday! I miss the weekend, when I didn't have to move any balls. Today I moved some balls. We worked pretty late into the day and I noticed none of the lights came on. They didn't have bulbs, they were just plastic.

I spent a few minutes today wandering around the site to watch the whole ball-moving process. THE BALLS DON'T GO ANYWHERE. I literally move them to one truck that picks them up and then dumps them in a machine to drop them back to my loading zone. What is going on here?

Noticed the city was taking bids for the road repaving project, and suggested to Mr. Rokenbok we give them an estimate. He said, "no, we move balls. That's what we do. Get back to moving balls." After that, I moved some balls, mostly blue ones.

Moved more balls today. After the fourth time today that I messed up dumping the balls into the other guy's dump truck he seemed to get frustrated and spent the rest of the day trying to push my truck over. It is good the fork-lift arm is so weak, like it is never used to lift anything but tiny bits of plastic. Weird but lucky.

I talked to Mr. Rokenbok again today, but he just told me to move more balls. When I tried to a few balls fell out of my scooper. Then a giant hand came out of the sky and put them back, as if some cruel god was sick of watching me try to push the balls against a sturdy, flat surface so that I might pick them up. After that I accidentally drove my truck off the ramp. We should make the guard rails out of something other than plastic; that seems dangerous.


A Phan said...

I lol'd. Especially after I watched the video. I think the female crew leader looks like a close relative of yours.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the myth of sisyphus!

Anonymous said...

l laughed until i was actually balling. it really is a small world after all!

Anonymous said...

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