Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Waiting

Sometimes, after I have missed several easy hucks or if I'm in a long line or at a school concert or listening to a boring speaker - in short, if I'm faced with a long and unbounded wait - you will hear me make a joke that goes something like this: "eventually, I will make an actual catch," and, "the potential longest we could have to keep doing this is until we die, right?"

The joke is just exaggeration, a way of expressing that terrible feeling when you are at a bad place and you could be there for much longer.

But it is worth mentioning that it is not just a joke. Sometimes what I am saying is that this wait sucks but that it will not be much longer and that things will improve, what I am saying was recently and expertly explained to me as Thorton Wilder's message in writing Our Town: that ordinarily life is beautiful, even if you've got a weird chorus of ghosts following you around, and I'm saying that there will be time for us after this wait that will have made it worthwhile, and that it will not be too much longer before this is over. Everything ends some time, and the wait was never that bad in retrospect. I heard this last song is pretty short, and you can take off your bow tie on the ride home if you want.


ladybug... said...


Charlotte said...

I cannot believe you're graduating from High School.

Anonymous said...

i think i hear you.

Ali said...

That pretty much espouses my personal philosophy, "This too shall pass."

Anonymous said...

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