Friday, March 05, 2010

Notation Jokes

Fianchetto was a beekeeper by trade and lived alone on his father's farm. After many years of solitude, he decided to teach his bees to play chess. There were too many of the insects to teach individually, of course, so he just showed the rules to a few and then let the word spread.

A few weeks later, Fianchetto played a game in which his opponent, a youthful worker drone, castled incorrectly on his king-side. The beekeeper knew that the older bees knew the rules very well, but he made a mental note to tell the Qb2+ on the younger ones.


Anonymous said...

if you really had special powers, you would hear my sigh of gratitude at the sight of a new posting.

A close relative said...

This is one of your best - beeing the chess lover I am.

Anonymous said...

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