Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moments of Terror and Inconvenience

Worth considering are those brief moments where life could end or at least where life is on the edge - when you throw a huck and you're not sure if it will turn over, when you don't know whether the bee will crawl down your shirt or will fly away, when the flag is spinning up in the air - and worth considering is the curious feeling of ecstasy and horror that sinks into your stomach like a parasite; worth considering also are those times where life is nothing but slightly under the ordinary: homework or dirt in your eye or stubbing your toe or any other species of mediocrity and ennui; worth considering is that at any given moment I'd rather get a sunburn than slam on the brakes when that deer jumps out at my car; worth considering is that the world could explode tomorrow and what we're going to end up with is a big list of times we didn't make the layout or times we were afraid of hornets or times we would rather be at home with a piece of dirt in our eyes and that is concerning but mostly it is just worth considering.