Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Equilibrium of Things

On the third day, I watched it rain ears.

At first, it was one or two - hollow thuds on the shredded tire playground floor - but soon they fell harder, a downpour, sending children screaming into their mothers' minivans, chased by a heavenly volley of bloody hearing organs. My umbrella tore to pieces in an instant.

As the world burned around me, I picked a particularly fleshy specimen up from the ground and marveled at just how easy it is to upset the equilibrium of things.


Esteban said...

At first I thought that said cars.

Anonymous said...

this pal is glad to see you back to work, Buddy

Prom Photographer said...

Who took those prom photos? They are fantastic.

Good imagery -- like a Leonard Cohen song.