Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After The Break-Up

Dave and Rachael broke up. It was messy.

After the break-up, they didn't make a huge effort to hide their mutual hatred. Dave was constantly bad-mouthing "that bitch," and, while Rachael publicly declared that they "were still friends," I wasn't buying that she "accidentally" sent his naked pictures to the whole school.

Two weeks later, I was on a two hour trip jammed into the back of Dave's Mini-Cooper, Darlene.

Rachael was sitting shotgun.

It turns out that before Rachael and Dave's falling out, they had bought four concert tickets for a show in Buffalo. I guess they were planning on a double date or something. My best friend Jon was supposed to be coming too, but he canceled right before we were leaving. Something about his mom dying.

Rat bastard.

Dave and Rachael weren't the kind of couple that would avoid each other after the break-up. They still sat next to each other in German, their cute smiles replaced by burning glares of hatred that would undoubtedly start fires should they be focused with a magnifying glass. They didn't even change the duet they were singing for the school recital. "Falling For You" comes off differently when one of the performers is actually pushed off the stage.

And so here I was, an unfortunate victim of fate and friendship, stuck in the back of a car with two teenagers who hated each other.

I thought about the pros and cons of a tractor trailer hitting the car.

"So," said Rachael.

I mean I would die, obviously.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

So it would probably be about a break even.


Moledde said...

Hmm...last sentence has a slightly awkward wording. Is there anything that flows better?

Frances said...

these pictures through the car window things are really cool (:

good story, thought i didn't really get the ending.

Anonymous said...

Is the fact that he named his car DARLENE the reason she broke up with him? 'Cause I get that.

Anonymous said...

did he break up with her because she spelled her name with an extra "a"? 'Cause I get that!