Monday, March 09, 2009


1. In an effort to feature my readers and also because I'm very lazy I'll be having a "reader's week" in the future - seven photographs coupled with seven written pieces. As soon as I get seven of each that I like I'll have the week, which will start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. If any of you have already sent in photographs that I did not post but that you would like considered. Chances are I liked them but I didn't want to post multiple photos by one person in a short span of time. Otherwise, I encourage you to submit as much of either category as you like. Use my gmail address, and include "mostly harmless" in the subject line.

2. That snowball made a nice sound when it hit your window.


Frances said...

i actually just commented because i wanted to say your profile picture thing for your blog is very you-ish, except you usually smile more than that i think.
your hair and the background also contrast very interestingly.

Anonymous said...

it sounded nice from inside too