Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scenes 9

We just kept laughing, do you remember that? We laughed for about three minutes straight, first it was about the noise that woman made as she fell off the grape stomping platform, but it dissolved into nothing, I was laughing because you were laughing and you were laughing because I was laughing and your face looked so red and tears were rolling down our cheeks and we struggled to breathe. That was my favorite, laughing like that.

There is this moment during her song when he plays bass drum and you play wood blocks and I play xylophone and I know we've had our differences but in this really weird way I just feel very connected at that moment, like it's easy, like this is how it should be.

I marked the stairs and then you marked the stairs.


Ali said...

Are all of these about actual people that you know?

Carissa said...

i like the stair markings.
they make me laugh whenever i see them

Sri Ramanujam said...

Do you write fiction or fact?

The Muffin Man. said...

I tried to comment on this at school today (haha I mean yesterday) but the thing decided not to be working:D

I likes these!

Ali said...

ditto on the stair markings thing.

Don't be creepy! said...

I miss pit. :(

The ones about real people are always better, in my opinion.

Esteban said...

Is number 2 Tom, Dick, or Harry? Or is it not actually a song?