Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turn Around

I have missed opportunities before, that is an understatement, I have missed so many opportunities I could fill up a blank dictionary with a list of opportunities I have missed, it would look like this: didn't talk to a girl, didn't try to jump over the fence, didn't grab you and shake you and say what happened we were best friends and I told you everything, I told you about all the opportunities I missed, and now what, what, what, so what follows is a list of reasons to turn around.

It starts with the photograph - I like relating a photograph to a post, even if it is by saying that if you don't look up from that book you will get struck in the head by a dumpster, but unfortunately that is how I have to relate a photograph to a post in this case, so here: if you don't look up from that book you will get struck in the head by a dumpster and I'm not sure what that stick figure is doing with his legs and with his arms but whatever he is doing you will be doing and it doesn't look comfortable, so look up from that book if only because you should be ducking right about now and also look away from the teacher every once in a while, because even if there weren't any dumpsters in the parking lot that evening I'm sure there was someone with a brightly colored shirt that wouldn't have minded some eye contact, that wouldn't have minded your smile, and that didn't mind your smile when you smiled at him (if only briefly).

Sometimes it will be that simple, but I have found that it is often much worse, I have found that oftentimes people who do not look around get run over by trucks and buses and sadness, out of the three getting run over by sadness is not the worst but it is the longest - getting hit by a truck and a bus happens quick, just boom, and then that's it, but getting hit by sadness is like feeling something eat away at your stomach, is like watching a slow-motion punch because you will be sitting around and you will not look around and then suddenly you are sad because someone you love has left and will never come back or someone you love was never there in the first place and you were imagining it the whole time or someone you love has become someone you don't love, has become someone you just know, or even someone you don't know at all, someone you never met.

So when you are done reading this please get up, please look around a little bit, and if you see someone who makes you smile go ahead and smile and don't stop smiling until they look around and see you and start smiling too.


Anonymous said...

Emo Sam is emo.

"out of the three getting run over by sadness is not the worst but it is the longest"

This? Rocks.

Carissa said...

twas pretty

oveading said...

Opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work. ~Thomas Edison

Jeff said...

I like it a lot, twas inspiring.


like trees, but not

jeff said...

You've gotten rather romantic lately.