Thursday, December 11, 2008

Become Inspired

Here is a good way to inspire someone:

Your friend comes to you because he has not taken a good picture in a while and he needs an idea for a story because he is like a balloon ready to pop he is ready to pop he has everything he needs just under the surface he has all the energy and motivation he just needs a needle he needs you to be a needle for him you are very good at being a needle for him so what you do is he will come to you and say all of the pictures I have taken lately are terrible and you say so take a good one and he says I need a story idea will you give me a story idea and you say no.


Carissa said...

i like the picture... it's pretty

Saliess said...

Your reality just went *Pop*

...goes the weasel.

The Muffin Man. said...

oooh pirty colors!

charlotte said...

Here's some inspiration for you: i need a new desktop. the pumpkin picture is not-so-seasonal anymore.
take care