Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We have decided it is a good idea to throw around a frisbee on the elementary school that we climbed on top of so you throw me a long pass and I am running for it but suddenly I am falling for it and I thud flat on my face on the soft grass and then the frisbee hits me in the head.

It is eleven thirty at night outside starbucks and you got vegetable chips and I got a really awful rice krispie square that is only a little bit bigger than my head and for some reason the people at the vegetable chip factory decided to make their bags impossible to open without some sort of power drill so I ask you to hold my rice krispie square while I open the bag for you and I pass you my rice krispie square but it slips out of our hands and falls on the ground but we both start laughing so hard we cry.

You asked me if I was afraid of heights and I said no because I am not afraid of heights, and then I asked you if you were afraid of heights and you said maybe you were a little bit afraid of heights and I asked you how much a little bit is and you told me you had seen a specialist for eight years because you were afraid of heights and the only reason you stopped seeing him was because it had been eight years and you still couldn't breathe right if you looked out your bedroom window because it is on the second floor and then the elevator dinged eighty-six and we stepped out onto the windy roof.


i can has too said...

you were walking so fast and I wanted you to stop but I was afraid you wouldn't stop you would run if i said stop so I didn't say anything but you ran anyway so I ran too and when I caught up you said I just wanted to make that light.

two (or six hundred and two):
sadness of knowing you can't win, sadness of puddles, sadness of wanting to make it better,sadness of wanting not wanting to make it better, sadness of time, sadness of wondering, sadness of unfamiliar smells, sadness of looking over the edge, sadness of falling over the edge, sadness of processed cheese.

"she is deranged", you said "but so so playful" and I didn't know what you meant but I laughed anyway and then when I did I laughed even harder.

The Muffin Man. said...


Ow=the first one :P

These are funny :D

Carissa said...

yay sam!

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