Friday, September 05, 2008

I Have Attractive Friends VIII

I have a tendency to get up from the computer at the wrong moment:

ElAnorRigby: hey.
SarcasticSam: hi
ElAnorRigby: how was band camp
SarcasticSam: pretty good. i saw nathan for the first time all sumer
SarcasticSam: *summer
ElAnorRigby: that's cool.
ElAnorRigby: i really wish i played a marching instrument :(
SarcasticSam: yeah
ElAnorRiby: hey listen
ElAnorRiby: you kno that thing i was trying to say at lunch today?
ElAnorRiby: this is kind of awkward
ElAnorRiby: but i really like you
ElAnorRiby: like a lot
ElAnorRiby: i think i might love you
ElAnorRiby: i hope we can still be friends
ElAnorRiby: i just really needed to get that off my chest
ElAnorRiby: ...
ElAnorRiby: hello?

canttouchthis: hey the cake has been in the oven for like seven hours
canttouchthis: i know you told me you'd tell me when i needed to check on it
canttouchthis: but srsly should it take this long
canttouchthis: and what's that beeping noise?
canttouchthis: oh you bastard
canttouchthis: brb

SarcasticSam: so yeah
SarcasticSam: what's up with you?
georgiapeach: nm, u?
SarcasticSam: nm. im really tired
georgiapeach: yeah me 2
georgiapeach: that essay took for freaking ever
georgiapeach: i was up til like three
georgiapeach: oh god
georgiapeach: sam someone's climbing up my drainpipe
georgiapeach: my parents arent home
georgiapeach: jesus they're breaking the window
georgiapeach: sam youve got to apdijfaplolp.;uionp,lyuiuhpo,l[.
georgiapeach: dddddddddddddddddd
georgiapeach: ffd
georgiapeach: dof91029394
georgiapeach: ddddds
georgiapeach has signed out
SarcasticSam: ok back.


joe said...

I wonder if the house burned...

Frances said...

haha i agree.

Don't be creepy! said...


Aww...well that's why you tell people when you get up! :P

Jedi_Raptor07 said...


Oh, and as far as the movie reviews go, most of the ones I have to review for class are kinda old. Fortunately, they're pretty good: Citizen Kane, Apocalypse Now, Casablanca, THe Godfather, etc. I will try and sneak some newer ones in there, though.

ello said...

marching band! :D

And yes, tuba ready!!!!!! YAY!

tubas, dis-mount!