Thursday, August 21, 2008

Un Soir dans Paris III

Heat had a mind of its own.

It seeped deep into the pavement, searching out every little crack and crevice, and, when none existed, it just tunneled through by sheer willpower, burying deep into the ground, finally settling upon the long-abandoned subway station where Felix was sitting alone.

A bead of sweat dripped down his face, and his stomach rumbled. He didn't have money for food on him, and he didn't feel like returning home for lunch. His older brother had once again been insulting Josephine over breakfast, calling her a "delusional teenager". Felix had stormed out of the house. He felt a little sheepish about the whole incident, but for now he'd let his family wonder what he was up to.

He heard light footsteps drift down from the staircase. He smiled and stood up from the bench. Josephine emerged into the station.

"Hey," Felix said, hearing his own voice echoing around the empty tunnel. "How was the meeting?"

"Pretty good," she answered, walking over to him, "Simon says we're about ready to plan some more attacks. He's been getting some more rifles and fixing them up."

"Cool," Felix responded vaguely. She sat down on the bench and put her bag next to her.

"I'll make a revolutionary out of you yet," she said, giving him a wry smile. He laughed weakly and sat down next to her bag.

There was a brief pause.

"Anyway," she said finally, "you want to get some lunch?"

"I left my wallet at home."

"That's fine. You can borrow some money from me."

She stood up, accidentally brushing against his hand while she grabbed her bag.

"Sorry," he mumbled, drawing his arms in.

"Oh no, Felix," she laughed, "our hands touched". She walked over to the stairwell and bounded up, taking the stairs two at a time.

Felix sighed.


Charlotte said...

Awww, icklebickle Sam is adorable. *squees*

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

As opposed to a man who makes vague promises of change yet preaches the partly line, has promised to raise taxes into the stratosphere, has stood against every viable means of ending the energy crisis, and is completely out of touch with regular Americans?

That message was aimed at ousting the numbnuts in Congress (Republicans and Democrats) and replacing them with people who actually care about the country instead of the next election.

Oh, one more thing. Bill Clinton was not impeached because he had an affair with Lewinski. He was impeached because he lied under oath about it!!!

Frances said...

aww that's a cute/good picture (:

Frances said...

btw my word verification thing from the last post was "ququaww". and I thought that was funny. Just idk...try to say that out loud. Yea.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Need I remind you that prior to 2003, the entire free world (Including the Democrats and the French) thought that he had WMDs. What did he use to gas the Kurds with? You know where they went? Syria, Egypt and Jordan. He trucked them out there while we were yelling at the UN to back us up. Watch old CNN clips from where the UN inspectors were trying to get into the suspected storage areas. Notice those trucks? They're not hauling rocking chairs.

Also, since we didn't have any intelligence assents in Iraq (courtesy of the Clintons gutting the CIA), we had to rely on British intelligence before we went in. The Brits said that there were WMDs in Iraq. Their "intel" turned out to be a defector that told them what he thought they wanted to hear so he'd get a penthouse and a Mercedes. And the Brits wouldn't let us talk to him. Yell at Tony Blair, not Bush.

As far as the Plame affair, there is no proof that Bush blew her cover. Admittedly, his administration did have a hand in the coverup, but the only "proof" that Bush is responsible are accusations made by her husband. (Personally, my money's on Cheney)

And don't worry; I don't take these responses personally. In fact, I feel the same way.