Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I should not have underestimated the talented photographers that are my regular readers. Thoroughly unintimidated by Maeve, Tim shot back with his own picture. Apparently he was cruising along in California when he noticed this dilapidated sofa. He felt the need to snap a picture, and I'm glad he did. The cliff, the water, the rocks. It's all perfect. Thanks, Tim.


jxwodwgn (hehehe I have a random name generator now) said...

Too bad the sofa's missing a cushion...I wonder who put it there

Carissa said...

I like that a LOT

Ello said...

Teehee random sofa

Frances said...

I was SO confused at first.
I was actually like "wow. Tim's dedicated. He took a sofa to the ocean JUST to beat Maeve?"
Haha not really.
But I WAS really really confused.
This is a cool picture :)

Jeff said...

I would just sit in the sofa for a day and see how many people come up and talk to me. I wouldn't respond of course.

Jon said...

i like that photo a lot
nicely done