Monday, May 19, 2008

That Little Strip

When I'm in the car at night and I have my lights on, there's always this little strip of darkness that's visible when I'm driving up hills that hasn't yet been illuminated by my car's high beams.

I feel like there's something lurking there, in that patch of nature in an otherwise thoroughly contrived field of view, waiting to jump out at me, to grab me, to turn the lights of my car off and to make my eyes adjust to the dark and to make me look up at the night sky and appreciate its beauty.

That little strip scares me.


Jeff said...

Intense! This sounds like it could be an M. Night Shamalan movie! (ignore spelling)

emma said...

there is something in the little strip. it's called potential roadkill.
that makes me remember the opossum story.
and that makes me smile.
thanks, sam.

Ello said...