Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rain: 2:32 AM

My camera has a Genuardi's bag over it, because it's far too rainy to be outside and far too beautiful to be anywhere else. It's raining really hard, and it smells like rain, because that's how it smells when it rains. I crouch down and squint, I can't see anything but I squint anyways because I can see everything in a split second, any second now, I'll see everything. I can only crouch, and squint, and wait.

Thunder growls in the distance, providing the perfect soundtrack to an even more perfect evening where I have to be outside with my camera because words are imperfect, they are not perfect, not perfect like this perfect evening where everything smells like rain and rain is dripping down my face, and my t-shirt is soaked, and my coat is massively uncomfortable, but my thirst is quenched, my thirst is satiated, I will never thirst again. I need to get up and yell about how words are imperfect and people need to stop using them and how pictures are not worth a thousand words because words can't describe what I'm feeling, tasting, and somehow, pictures can, and I want to yell about how people are sleeping when I'm outside, waiting, and I want to yell just so I can hear my own voice above the rain and the soundtrack but I can't because I'm crouched down and squinting and waiting, waiting for a car, any car, to meander down my street so I can frame my shot and take my picture and wait three seconds for the car to drive by so I can have the perfect picture, worth more than words could ever be and I hear the truck at the end of my street, rumbling by, and I don't even look at it because I don't trust myself to, to take my eyes off the hole I poked in the bag so I can see through my viewfinder and I frame my shot and



Anonymous said...

Hey Sammie...aww that was really poetic and so cute!
Cept it wasn't actually at 2:32 am, was it?
It was cute either way :)

You don't usually stay up that late...I was really surprised when you IMed me lol. But isn't it nice sometimes to just be up late and be alone? I like that :) Well, when I'm not studying that is ! HAHA :D

P.S. this thing is being stupid and won't let me post using my blogger OR gmail account...?! so now I'm using my aim ? >.<

Ello said...

That is a cool pictorum!!!

Molly Papey said...


Anonymous said...

Sam- you're my fave. No, really.

a concerned friend said...

you were up that late?? wts