Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stairwell, Flights 49-50

Amy isn't here anymore.

It's just Peter and Calvin, making their way up, step by step by step.

Peter is starting to slow a bit, but Calvin is dutifully behind him, deliberately slowing his steps to keep pace with his friend.

Peter stops to rest at the landing of the 50th floor. He sits on the ground under the big painted "50".

"This isn't easy," Peter says.

Calvin shakes his head.

Peter smiles, and Calvin gives him a quizzical look.

"You ran up and down 34 flights of stairs to get the ice for Amy, and yet I'm still the one who's out of breath."

Calvin gives a little smile.

"That was a pretty nice thing to do," Peter says.

Calvin gives him a quizzical look.

Peter is embarrassed. "You don't have a thing for her, do you?"

Calvin stops smiling, but not in an injured way.


Calvin shakes his head. Peter clears his throat a little bit, awkwardly. He stands up.

"Let's go."

He goes.

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