Wednesday, May 02, 2007

32: Untitled

No good entries. My thing was lame.

Someone called Mr. Joseph asking if I could be in a movie that they're filming!

Details were sketchy; I saw Mr. Joseph talking on the phone, and then while he walked the ten feet from his office to the piano lab he told me about it.

Anyway, new prompt:

After the angry letter had been written, Paul clicked "send" immediately.


Jeff said...

He tried to stuff in a pipe bomb for extra measure before it sent, but the computer monitor shattered instead.

kelly h said...

he sent it to the freakin lousy annoying hate him soooo much hope he falls and trips and goodness he's so annoying gosh darn him daniel rosenthal and he was happy he did it!

Carissa said...

that's exciting

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

The computer then promptly exploded in his face.

Spartan said...

"Oops!" he said as he realized he had sent it to his current boss instead of his friend Carl.

Ali said...

Omg Sam that's so cool! What kind of movie, like a short film or something?