Sunday, April 22, 2007

40: Earth Day

I was at the local baby-juggling Olympics when disaster struck. Ned, the baby watcher, accidentally opened the door to the where the babies were kept, and the babies then began to attack!

In the end, the police had to club them all.

What magazine do I read? Why, The Week, of course! This week is a special online "green" issue. I read it because it's a quick, easy way to stay informed. If you like this free issue, consider a subscription. It's well worth it.

Today's prompt:

As the subway stopped, everyone on the train lurched forwards.

Also: this is my 300th post.


Ali said...

happy 300th birthday (wait a second....)

what happens when the numbers finally count down to 0?

Jeff said...

As I flew into the person in front of me, I reached into her pocket and quickly stole her wallet.

Carissa said...

o u showed me the week before

Craig (Rachel's friend) said...

It came to a halt with a jarring screech, and we were all thrown back to the floor.

Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Slamming into an escaped elephant tends to have that effect.

Spartan said...

"The next person who I bump into will be punched in the face!" muttered bob unfortunately right before he slammed into Helga, the world champion of women's boxing.